Current Projects

1) A new composition for clarinet, bassoon, trombone and percussion, which I’m about to start over the next couple days.

2) An improvisation-based ensemble that began in December, which practices every Monday evening.

3) Learning new software called Kenaxis for live electro-acoustic music performance.

4) Research interest: “Strategies for Structured Improvisations in Unspecified Ensembles”


…for the Musical Soul

Aural Fibre is a new blog about

1) personal adventures in composing and improvising

2) other contemporary music and its composers, primarily focusing on concert music but occasionally exploring music for dance and film, etc.

3) musical creativity – concepts and theory, and the like…

all shared with the hopes of delighting and inspiring others, and sometimes baffling others, and maybe even (although hopefully not) annoying others.

All comments welcome!

Aural Fibre is intended to be stimulating, nurturing and fun.