Crunch time

It’s been quite hectic over the past couple weeks.  This past Thursday I finished the first draft of my new quartet, A Convergence of Perspectives (for clarinet, bassoon, trombone and percussion) and had it read by an ad hoc crew of professional musicians.  It didn’t go so well and I learned a hard lesson about having my percussion parts big enough to be read comfortably (since the percussionist is further away from his stand than the other players, and has more written instructions to deal with in moving from instrument to instrument).

A week prior, on Friday, March 6th, I submitted a new score in response to a call for submissions by Vancouver Pro Musica on behalf of Ethos Collective, a recently-formed, six-member ensemble that specializes in music that incorporates improvisation.  My piece, Alternate Takes, is for “open instrumentation” but ideally for 3-4 melodic instruments, at least one chordal instrument, and two percussionists.  I should find out soon whether the score is accepted for a public reading session on March 28th and a concert performance in May.

Another pressing project has been preparation for an upcoming gamelan performance in which I’m playing an instrument called the bonang panerus.  It has been a challenge to master the intricate and unfamiliar musical territory, especially given limited rehearsal time and limited access to the instruments for personal practice.

Finally, work for a sponsored arts presentation this summer has been ongoing, with the initial priorities being an audition in April, sketching out the structure and scenes, and generating some workable musical ideas.

A vacation after the April audition and before the intense work gets going in May will be most welcome!

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