Ethos Collective reading session

I was very happy about how my piece went at the reading session today.  The players seemed to be at least somewhat enthusiastic about it, although it’s hard to judge when everyone is concentrating so much.  Having been on the “other side of the stands” for such reading of new music, I know how taxing it is to read through and workshop even one piece, let alone eight.  I really enjoy the work of these musicians and I’m stoked to be a part of their expanding repertoire.  There were lots of great ideas among the other scores too and it was great to be immersed in a variety of sound worlds throughout the session.

This event is part of Vancouver Pro Musica’s Sonic Boom Festival happening this weekend.  I’m going to take in the concert tomorrow evening, which features the Turning Point Ensemble.

My partner, Marion, discovered a bunch of “call for scores” opportunities today and I’m going to consider several of these very seriously.  I’ll write about those later when I get more details and come up with a plan of attack.  For one, I can submit my current quartet, A Convergence of Perspectives, which I’ve just put the finishing touches on.  Another will likely be for flute and trombone with percussion, since a duo has requested a piece that includes an “interactive” element intended primarily for students and I’m thinking various small percussion instruments and possibly a narrator reciting a poem or something.  Also, I want to write a chamber orchestra piece and I think I have some materials already that I can use.  Nothing like deadlines to keep one focused!

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