Winding down (and some things still winding up)

So the semester is winding down.  Another one for the annals.  I submitted the score of my quartet today as well as a book of improv or “open score” pieces that I compiled from my work with my improv group this term, including Alternate Takes for Ethos Collective.  I called my book A Study in Plaid: A Music Improvisation Sketchbook, and it consists of seven pieces.  I dedicated it to mentor, colleague and friend Professor Paul Bendzsa at the Memorial University of Newfoundland School of Music.

I attended two dress rehearsals today, one for the summer music-theatre project audition, which is on Friday morning, and the second for the class gamelan concert, which is on Friday evening.  Basically, all work for the semester is done except for these two engagements on Friday.

All in all, it has been a very productive few months.  It has not been without disappointments, however.  The readings for my quartet, for instance, didn’t go well and I let my frustration and discouragement get the better of me.  Stewing in negativity for a few days, I opted not to submit the piece for presentation in the final concert, which I now regret considerably.  I think it would’ve been played given that there ended up being only seven pieces on the concert – two less than last term.  I really could’ve benefitted from the extra rehearsal that would’ve come about, not to mention the exposure the concert would’ve afforded.  Bitter lesson learned, let me tell you.

Another disappointment was the gamelan final project presentation this past Monday.  My group came up with a decent piece and we polished it pretty well.  I spent extra time on the weekend working on my part and was nailing it.  But in the class performance I totally bombed.  I was quite distraught about it.  I don’t know what happened.  I didn’t really feel all that nervous.  But I played as if I hardly practiced at all!

Anyway, it looks like in the final gamelan concert we will be doing Chris’s gamelan-inspired piece, which we also played on Monday.  That presentation went reasonably well.

It’s good to get some performance experience on saxophone these days.  I’ve had a few interesting appearances since (re-) beginning playing last fall.  It’s been a long time coming!  And, really, that’s all still winding up.

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