Ups and downs to end the term

I was sick in bed all day Thursday with a 24-hr stomach flu (or some such sort of nuisance) and then began slowly recouping on Friday morning as I headed to the audition for our summer theatre project.

I went home to rest in the afternoon to prepare for the evening gamelan fest. We had to set up and rehearse at 5pm and then have a parade/blessing ceremony/food & snacks from about 6 to 7pm, when the concert was to start.

I received very upsetting news while I was home resting.  My group was chosen to receive funding for the summer project BUT a condition that we had to “confirm” was that all participants be under the age of 30 – a condition of the provincial arts grant that the Burnaby Arts Council was receiving to support the project.  Apparently, it is a grant to foster “youth” employment (“youth” referring to those between 15 and 30).

So, I’ve been left out in the cold after all the work and time we put in just to get it to this stage.  I’m not sure there’s anything I can do about it since it isn’t a clear-cut case of organizational discrimination based on age.  I believe IT IS discrimination but I think it would be difficult to argue against such a youth-supporting initiative from the government.  It would almost be like arguing against any sort of age restrictions at all on anything.  However, I think after one reaches “adulthood” everyone should be considered equal and any programs to assist adults should be on the basis of a particular demographic situation, e.g. student, retiree, unemployed, etc.

Needless to say, the news covered the rest of my day in a shroud of gray, even as the unfolding evening was quite enjoyable and successful.  Since I was still recovering from illness I felt I hardly had the emotional energy to face what had happened, especially since I had to keep energy up for the gamelan event.  In particular, I was happy at how Chris’s piece went since we were all sure it was the best we’d ever played it so far.  But everything else went well, too, and I think the audience enjoyed the evening.  I’m looking forward to doing more gamelan stuff this summer.  Apparently, there are a couple of community groups to get involved in and there may be a weekly meeting at school as well.

Speaking of summer plans, things are now up in the air a little.  At least, I have time to sort things out over my upcoming vacation to Newfoundland to see family and friends.

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