Back to School (and back to creativity)

Am I glad to be attending an Arts school! School and creativity aren’t supposed to go hand-in-hand, are they? Well, they do for me.

Once again, in my 42 years, I’m going back to school full-time in September.  As always, it brings mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation. I’m excited for new info, the collaborations and creative stimulation.  But can I handle the workload effectively?  Am I even on the right path?

One day at a time. I had my first class on Friday morning, Creative Entrepreneurship. I think the course will be even more valuable than I thought – I’m already inspired! – and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the info here.

One of the main topics for discussion is the “life-cycle” of projects or companies.  It goes something like this:

Idea – Start-up – Growth – Maturity –Decline/Turn-around – Terminal/Re-growth

As we look at the first few stages over the next couple weeks, I’ll be most interested in learning strategies to progress from the “start-up” to the “growth” phase. I’ve realized that most of my projects have failed just after the start-up.  I’ve failed to keep the momentum going and, in fact, I remember several times when I already felt a little burnt out when I’d only done one show!

In thinking about what I’d most like to get out of this course, I came up with a few concerns. I’m concerned that aspects of my personality (or perceived aspects) may present challenges to my success as an artist. As much as I enjoy and even relish performing, I’m an introvert and tend to shy away from social gatherings – How can I overcome or mitigate this in the realm of networking or otherwise building professional relationships. Secondly, I enjoy being a leader when it comes to my creative vision; I’m open to relinquishing responsibility with regards to lower priorities – I feel like I’m more of an ‘ideas guy’ and less of an organizer. How can I improve in this area?  Furthermore, I find it difficult to “sell myself” in spite of my confidence in my creativity. And I hate asking for favours.

Next time I’ll write about our first guest speaker.  We are going to hear from a lot of interesting people throughout the semester.

Off to the races!

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