Creative Entrepreneurship, Class #1 (part 2)

Our first guest speaker in Creative Entrepreneurship was John Micheal Schert, a former American Ballet Theatre dancer and arts director/entrepreneur, now visiting artist and lecturer at the University of Chicago School of Business.  Here’s a link to one of his YouTube talks on “The Utility of the Creative Process.”

He covered a bunch of ideas in our class.  Particularly, I was (and am) interested in the ideas of “flow”; of balancing the chaotic with the structured; of letting go of the cognitive process; the integrated roles of technical rigour or mastery – especially in preparation – with the uncertainty (and accompanying variance in confidence) in creating and following intuition, especially in the moment. For me, I’ve found all of these ideas converge or find relevance in the field of improvisation, which is one of my primary passions in musical practice and discourse. Improvisation is a lifelong study and intellectual curiosity. I feel it’s one of my artistic strengths, and one that is still developing. I’m interested in how this skill might be utilized in various entrepreneurship settings, particularly on the more ‘structural’ or ‘organizational’ side of creative endeavours.

All ideas worth exploring more!

Our first assignment is to read the first three chapters of Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull, the story of how Pixar came to be.  There are a lot of lessons to be learned here and I will write about some of them throughout the semester.  I highly recommend this book.

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