Vision Statement

Today we submitted our Vision Statements.  Here’s mine:

The foundation of my vision is rooted in the joy of creating and sharing my own music in three principle ways:

1) Composition – sharing my scores with other musicians

2) Improvisation – in various contexts ranging from solo presentations to working with various ensembles, not necessarily of my own formation (and also creating diverse sorts of written scores for “structured improvisations”

3) Performance – leading my own ensembles in various contexts, including collaborations with artists in other disciplines

In terms of developing a unique creative “voice,” I’m primarily interested in exploring the following concepts, and the resulting intersections of these concepts:

  • Hybrid forms – merging jazz, especially its melodic and harmonic language, with classical (especially its myriad formal structures) and electro-acoustic music
  • Relationship between jazz (including hybrid genres rooted in jazz) and dance music (common in the Swing/Big Band era, for instance) – the potential of blending modern club music styles with jazz is especially appealing
  • Various forms of groove-based music, e.g. the idea of “riffs” (common in jazz and pop) and other music based on repetitive structures, e.g. minimalism and post-minimalism in the classical world
  • Integration of improvisation in genre-hybrid music.
  • Tradition of the performer-composer

It is vital that I continue to create a portfolio of works – scores that are transferrable to other musicians. To this end and to hone my craft, I’m currently enrolled in post-secondary music composition studies and will continue at least until I complete my Master’s degree. A secondary consideration (at this point) is the creation of an ensemble with a specific, yet flexible, instrumentation, enabling me to focus my composition efforts and prepare a body of works for public presentation, emerging first locally and gradually extending to an international audience.

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