Creative Entrepreneurship Class #4

Last week’s class was golden.  Tons of great and info and stuff to think about.

We had a presentation by organization consultant, Dawn Brennan.  Some of the things she brought up included:

  1. Defining core personal values. For example, hers include Art, Community, Service and Fun.  Mine include Creativity, Learning and Sharing
  2. Defining a mission = core purpose, the “why”
  3. Building consensus – the foundation of decision-making and moving forward.  Consensus as a value is egalitarian, inclusive and collaborative.
  4. Have a conversation – the way to build consensus and to grow.
  5. Get diverse people around the table
  6. Who is your ‘customer’? (primary and secondary) and more of Drucker’s 5 Questions.

Brennan’s work is informed by the work of Marvin Weisbord, Peter Block & Peter Drucker.

A lot of this needs definitely warrants more discussion.  When I have more time!

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