Intrinsic Impact

In Creative Entrepreneurship, Class # 5 we talked about Marketing and Intrinsic Impact.  What is “intrinsic impact”?  Basically, it is the emotional impact of an experience.  It is an important thing to think about in evaluating your own experience of a show or exhibit but, more importantly, it provides a framework in which to gauge your audience’s experience. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Captivation – did you lose track of time and get fully absorbed?

2. Emotional Resonance – how strong was your emotional response?

3. Intellectual Stimulation – did it cause you to think about an issue or topic?

4. Social bridging – did it give you a new understanding of people who are different or from a different culture?

5. Aesthetic growth – were you exposed to at least one type or style of art that you hadn’t encountered before?

These five points would be useful areas to follow up with members of your audience. The data gained from such a survey might be important in guiding your future projects.

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