Structure and Strategy (for the Creative Enterprise), part 2

Structure follows strategy.  As you might expect, not everything in the real world is so neat and causally related.  In fact, there is a reciprocal relationship here.

Now that you’ve defined where you want to go after startup – and taken a rest to recharge – you can develop a structure for your enterprise that best meets your strategy.  Your strategy comes out of tackling the priorities you’ve developed based on your vision.  You’ve considered your environmental and contextual factors, as well as your capabilities, both as an individual and with your ‘support’ group, which can be any members of your organization or community of helpers.

Typically, to move beyond startup you will need to enlist the help of others in various roles.  You’ve likely already done so to get things off the ground.  To proceed efficiently from this point – you don’t want to waste anyone’s time, including your own –  you will need some sort of organizational structure.  Again, the structure that is best suited to your enterprise depends on your strategy.

The objective of organizational structure is to balance the economic advantages of specialization – essentially, your artistic vision – with the problems and costs of coordination and motivation – essentially, your administrative costs.

Administrative needs arise from such murky waters as supervisory monitoring, motivation problems, coordination activities, opportunism and information distortions.

Things have gotten complicated.  Don’t despair.  Much help is available.  Personally, while I know all this helpful, insightful stuff now, it all still makes my head swim.  But even knowing that there are many resources available and people who are truly willing to help, mitigates the feeling that you’ve gotten yourself into an encroaching quagmire.

Time to look at examples of typical organization structures that serve the creative enterprise and, hopefully, will allow you to continue focusing on the things that matter to you most as an artist.  Oh, by “time” I mean next time.

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