Composition premieres


Exciting news: my brass trio Where Three Are Gathered has been selected to be premiered Thursday, December 3rd at a concert of new brass music in the World Art Centre at SFU!

My (as yet) untitled quartet – flute, alto, sax, bass, percussion – will be premiered at the Ascension show opening night: Friday, December 11th in Studio D, SFU School for the Contemporary Arts.  The work is still in progress in the meantime.

Just last night I had the opportunity to “premiere” a new piece (in more like a “workshop” format) called Ketjak for Coalescence: if monkeys can… at my World Music class.  It is an interactive performance piece for improvisers and voices.  My plan is to continue to refine this piece by working with various community groups. I feel this could be an ongoing project and part of a larger initiative.  I’ve been inspired to come up with other such pieces as I think there’s potential for building music communities by establishing connections between musicians of various traditions and genres who wouldn’t otherwise work together.  Particularly, I’d like to see groups of improvising instrumentalists work with choirs, especially of the ‘amateur’ or ‘community’ variety.

Exciting times!

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