End of term – what’s next?


I finally got my new alto sax – it’s a silver Yamaha Custom Z!  I’m so pumped!  It’s definitely time to plan for some more performance opportunities.  I debuted the new horn in the Ascension 4 dance show this past weekend, playing a composition for two saxes and electronics by Nathan Marsh.

I’m so happy to have been involved in Ascension.  It was really the first time I felt like I was a part of a broader school community beyond the music department.  I think these collaborative experiences are the key to a fulfilling creative life.  As a composer, I work so much in isolation that I just have a real need to connect with people.  I don’t think I could really be happy otherwise.  I’ve been thinking about the times when I’ve been most depressed in the past and it was when I lacked a strong sense of community.

And speaking of community, I’m pleased to finally launch a new project – a research initiative called “The Emergence of Unseen Voices.”  It’s basically a study of young composers and the process of becoming a composer.  I had my first interview today. I’m thinking I will start a series of posts – “Talking with composers” to document parts of this process.   I conducted the first interview today. My goal is to tell the composers’ stories and illuminate the world of the behind-the-scenes creative.  And it’s a way to contribute to the development of  a creative community.  I’m doing a bunch of interviews over the next week or so before settling into holiday mode.

Next composition projects include a piece for voice, viola and piano in the new year and some pieces for saxophone and percussion.

Also, I want to share more music exploration on this blog.  I’ve been big on Michael League’s group Snarky Puppy lately, which I’ve alluded to in another post. They’re my new favourite band!  And since I’m mentioning the group again, here’s a link to a series of eight videos of live renditions of tracks off their album We Like It Here:

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