Sound Matters


I can’t think a better way to start off a year of blogging about music and sound than with a citation of this brilliant, interactive New York Times article, “Dear Architects: Sound Matters” by Michael Kimmelman.

It’s probable that most people are, generally, unaware of the profound impact that the acoustics of a particular space has on one’s emotional state of being.  Perhaps, this awareness is only heightened in extremely loud or soft environments.  At any rate, even in a relatively quiet environment, there are a lot of sounds happening. Some of them can be quite interesting and even difficult to discern.  As the article points out, a lot of what we hear is affected by the space itself.  We may take sound for granted but there’s no denying it’s impact.

“The spaces we design and inhabit all have distinctive sounds.” So, let’s pay more attention!

Get out your headphones to enjoy:

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