Culture of the ear

I’ve borrowed the term “culture of the ear” from editors Christopher Cox and Daniel Warner of the book Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music. In their introduction to the book, “Music and the New Audio Culture,” they are talking about an “auditory turn in contemporary culture,” essentially a shift towards greater collective attention to sonic matters due to the ubiquity of recording and playback technology.

Audio Culture is a fascinating collection of essays and I plan to blog about about and respond to a bunch of them as I review the book over the coming weeks.  Also, I think “culture of the ear” is a fitting description of what this blog is all about.

Another topic I plan to blog extensively about over the next few months is film music.  I’m taking an overview course with Martin Gotfrit at SFU.  For quite some time now I’ve been intending to explore some of the musical tropes and vocabulary that are often used (or are unusual) in various types of scenes.  I’m sure this course will finally provide the opportunity to do so.  Already we are off to a great start.  I learned last evening in the first class that so much about the film can be garnered from just the overture, if you know what to listen for!


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