Collaborations galore

Yesterday I met a whole slew of potential new collaborators in the first meeting of my Interdisciplinary Collaboration seminar.  There are a lot of interesting people doing fascinating stuff.  I hope I can measure up!

The course format centers around three different collaborative partnerships throughout the semester.  We have to choose our first partner by next week.

But the first project is a 12-min monologue in which we can pretty much do anything but is primarily intended to introduce ourselves and our creative interests.  My intention is to colour my “info” with artful use of text, musical performance – primarily on saxophone, but maybe also incorporating singing and percussion – improvisation (both textual and musical) and quasi-random elements from a field of possibilities prepared beforehand and chosen throughout the performance.  In fact, thinking about this project has inspired me to explore the possibility of developing a series of such monologues into an ongoing performance art project.  We’ll see how it goes!

Broadly speaking, I’m interested into developing into an artist for whom various forms of collaboration inform my individual artistic practice – I’d like to balance the two throughout my career.   Up to now, my musical endeavours, while often collaborative with other musicians, have vastly been in favour of musical expression alone and I have only a handful of interdisciplinary collaborations under my belt.  I’m really hoping to change this.  Through collaboration there is the opportunity to produce something we wouldn’t come up with on our own, maybe even not think of on our own! – a beautiful thing to be sure.

With the primary goal of artistic development at its core, the seminar is about the collaboration more than the actual artistic outcome. However, I still want to work hard to produce good material.  Again, I’m intrigued and excited by the possibilities that will emerge that would not have in another place and time and with different partners.


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