Items crossed off

Premiered my Rhapsody for a Night Traveller (for solo saxophone) at the 16th annual West Coast Student Composers Symposium this past Friday at SFU.  I think I performed reasonably well and received some very warm feedback.

Yesterday I participated in another ‘premiere’ – the first group project for the Collaboration seminar.  The piece is a multi-screen video projection with a digital score and structured improvisation.  It relies on interactive software that enables the performers to map video loops to the screens and trigger them with audio – one pitch assigned to each video.  I composed the score and improvised on alto sax, accompanied by my friend Marcelo Vieira (not the soccer player!) on flute.  Marcelo was also responsible for the video art, creating the loops and software patch (with the assistance of SFU professor Martin Gotfrit in the context of a directed study). He recorded a friend in a series of short clips all featuring different movements in the tempo of the music.  Neil Qiu was the third collaborator from our class.  He took care of the stage and lighting design.

An assignment for my film music course is due later tonight and then, once a couple more classes are done, I’m in Reading Week break mode!




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