Quick Update #4 (April 14th concert)


My improv group “Sfuprov” played our first show at the World Art Centre at SFU.  The program was a mixture of improvised pieces and pieces composed for and by members of the group.

The musicians involved were: Chris Blaber, vibraphone; Alex Draper, guitar; Joyce Hon, piano; Joel Lagemaat, piano; Erica Regehr, clarinet & piano; and me on alto saxophone.  (Alex also did the posters, which were fab).

We are growing up!  Yep. I’m graduating from my program and Chris will be finished his degree after the fall semester.  Recent graduate and former member Joel MacKenzie would like to re-join and so we are drifting away from being solely a student group.  We will be starting regular rehearsal/jams again this weekend with the intention of doing regular gigs by mid-summer.  Also, on the list of plans is a name change to reflect our emergence as a professional or semi-professional group.  Suggestions are welcome!

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