II Pause, a piece by Matthew Ariaratnam

I want to share this blog article by my friend Matthew Ariaratnam.  I’m very sad I didn’t get to experience his piece (this time around) but I think the concept is fantastic. Essentially, he set up a public listening station where a single person (at a time) could listen, together with Matthew, to a 10-minute soundscape piece he created, literally with a “side of lemonade” (optional, of course).  I don’t do the piece justice but you should read what he has to say about the multi-day presentation and the stories that emerged through the connections he made.

The article highlights the power of taking a time out, and taking the time to connect to one’s community and environment through sound.  Beautiful!





Short Ride in a Fast Machine

John Adams is one of my composer heroes.

In 2006, I took a couple composition lessons with the late Clifford Crawley and he pointed me to Adams’s music, recommending the piece Short Ride in a Fast Machine.

I still think it rocks!  It’s a great piece to revisit every so often.