Sax Drive, Ep. 4 Success

Group Photo Sax Drive Full Band

Just a quick note to say we had an awesome gig last Thursday night (Nov. 21st) at the Southern Cross lounge of the Tranzac Club.  Big thanks to Lauren Barnett, for hooking us up with it (and for playing alto so beautifully in our band)!  And of course, big thanks to the rest of the band for pouring their musical souls into the set.

The small 50-person capacity room was pretty much full of enthusiastic supporters, some friends and some strangers, probably most hearing the band for the first time. We received so much positive feedback on our music and I think it bodes well for our future. My friend Alison Hall – who heard us at HONK! ON – said it was even better than what she was expecting, and that our “lush” sounds were better appreciated in a venue like this than in a big park.

It was amazing to be able to feed off the energy – the whistles and cheers – as we played our eight-song set. You never know what kind of crowd to expect, especially appearing as unknowns at a recurring event like this.  Lauren might get a full-house one night and only a handful on another night.  We couldn’t have asked for better experience – it felt like a bit of a party!

What most didn’t realize is that, while it’s our fourth appearance as a band, it was our very first appearance as the real deal – the full band with no subs sitting in (our “true self” lol).  That makes a big difference to our sound, of course. Not only is it meant to sound like a seven-piece, the contributions of the regular crew means a tighter sound and one that will only improve the more we play together.  Yesterday, I listened to the set, which we recorded on a ZOOM Recorder, and damn we sounded good.

We didn’t get to play all ten songs of our current repertoire, but we did close out with a “world premiere” of “Under a Demon’s Thumb”, which I re-titled “Under a Demon’s Thumbnail Sketch” in light of the Drawing Free For All theme.  I adapted a few other titles, too.  I did this at Drom Taberna back in July and I can see changing titles to fit the gig becoming a little bit of a fun gimmick (even if I just entertain myself, I suppose).

Anyway, we don’t have our next gig scheduled in yet, but we’re planning to get together soon to record a couple demos and then break for the holidays.



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