Korea Town Acid

Fans of eclectic electronic music will probably love this.

Korea Town Acid is the performing alias of Toronto-based DJ/Producer Jessica Cho, who performed last Saturday at the Toronto Sound Festival (Marion and I attended as part of my birthday celebrations!)

Toronto Sound Festival logoHer strengths are rhythmic and timbral variety, as well as the ability to create an infectious groove – although, I was chagrined at the lack of it visceral impact as evidenced by the lack of movement from the mostly-younger-than-me audience, but that’s on them!  Marion and I, on the other hand, couldn’t stop moving.  I would also characterize her music as very atmospheric and very textural, and by that I don’t mean “ambient” – there’s too much interest for it to be “ambient”, in my opinion.  Her musical influences seem to be widespread given the variety of synths and samples that hint at numerous sub-genres.  Apparently, she approaches creating her tracks in an improvisatory fashion, and that’s damn cool if you ask me.


Photo: by Ella Rinaldo for MUTEK

I went to get her to sign my notebook but she seemed like she couldn’t be bothered.  Trying to break the ice, I mentioned I had taught in Korea for three years. Sadly, ZERO response.  Ok, so she hasn’t lived there in decades but hey, she goes by the name Korea Town Acid!    I can only speculate as to why she seemed so cold.

Nevertheless, I intend to seek out her music online, track down her EP Mahogani Forest and keep an eye out for future releases.

More info:

Article in NOW Magazine by Michelle Da Silva (June 13, 2018)


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