Ensemble Vivant

I was just introduced to this group in the March edition of Whole Note magazine in a review by Sharna Searle.

Searle reviewed Ensemble Vivant’s latest album Latin Romance calling it “chamber music at its evocative best!”

Led by pianist Catherine Wilson, Ensemble Vivant is a piano + strings chamber group that plays a wide range of styles running the gamut from classical to latin to jazz.

They play gorgeously.  Check out their performance of Piazzolla’s “Undertango” – the perfect kind of musical vehicle to showcase the musicians’ passion and skill – or the exotic and lyrical “Dansa Negra” by Brazilian composer Camargo Guarnieri.

Latin Romance is Ensemble Vivant’s 14th album. I’m happy to have finally heard of them and hope to catch them live at some point soon.  Just maybe there might even be a Jason Hayward- or Sax Drive-Ensemble Vivant collaboration some day!


Jason Hayward, saxophonist and composer


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