unQuartet (improvising strings)

An ancient art form here imbued with fresh and vibrant expression.

So much of free improvisation – of which I’m, generally, an advocate and avid practitioner – comes off as self-indulgent, wearisome noise. (I can tolerate a little noise, particularly when used sparsely, tastefully and creatively).

Absolutely NOT THE CASE with the music of Toronto’s unQuartet!

(see www.unQuartet.com)

These musicians are interested in creating a cogent, original statement that is meaningful to listeners. In other words, they appear to desire transmitting “spontaneous composition”, cultivating a craft that is as accessible as it is artistic.

The samples on their website immediately grabbed me AND, unlike so much recorded improvisation I’ve encountered, inspired repeated listenings – go figure!

Check out, for example, the gorgeous “Slow Water Improvisation”¬†on SoundCloud.