Michael Franti, harbinger of hope

In the wake of horrific violence, it is difficult to find appropriate words to respond. ┬áSuch an atrocity can’t be ignored, yet how does one verbalize a reaction to something so senseless and incomprehensible?

The citizens of Toronto suffered an unimaginable assault yesterday afternoon when a young man decided to drive a van onto a sidewalk full of pedestrians, killing 10 people and injuring 15 others.  My heart goes out to those friends and families who now have to go through a living hell of sudden, devastating loss.

Apart from a distant mourning and the offering of condolences, I would elicit the power of music to heal our heartbreak and to raise hope for a more peaceful, loving world that is free of such heinous acts.

It’s time to begin curating a list of songs with positive, life-affirming messages.

One of the artists I most admire is the epitome of up-beat positivity: Michael Franti. Does this man ever slide into despair? I suppose it’s possible given he’s only human. However, he seems to possess a special talent for hope along with his musicality.

So, to start such a positivity playlist, I suggest a couple of Mr. Franti’s tracks:

“Once a Day”


“The Sound of Sunshine”

“Hey World (Don’t give Up)”